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About The Event

3 day drawing workshop


Go from drawing stick men to portraits in just 3 days. Everyone is able to draw, you just have to learn to look at things differently to see them differently. In the workshop we are going to start by disproving some common misconceptions, along with understanding exactly why our previous attempts at drawing haven't quite worked out. We are also going to teach our eyes to look at things differently, learn a few drawing techniques and on the third day we are going to end up holding art that previously we could've only dreamed of. The course also encourages the creative part of the brain, promoting all the things that it's responsible for, including: creativity, imagination, intuition and confidence, just to name a few. An increased confidence is a vital part of it as after discovering the we are able to do this after just a weekend of our time, you are going to be left wondering "what else am I capable of?".


Standard price £135

Book now for £95 and save £40.

All drawing equipment are included in the price. Bring only your food, drink and a positive attitude :)


Friday 4pm - 9pm

Saturday 9am - 5pm

Sunday 9am - 4pm


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